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Frenchie History

Learn French Bulldog history, and see collected historical photos.

About Us

French Bulldog is the re incarnation of what we are proud to say was the VERY FIRST French Bulldog site on the web – www. french . Sadly, when we missed the deadline to renew our domain name, it was purchased by someone else, but the spirit lives on at .

It’s our way to not only help educate new and potential Frenchie owners, but to let owners of all kinds of French Bulldogs share stories, pictures, news and articles about the greatest breed on earth – Frenchies! 

It’s why we created this page — to share the joy and fun that this breed provides to those of us who share our lives with them..

Found a Frenchie for sale that seems ‘too good to be true’?

Learn how to identify scams and false ads, including
Phantom Puppy Scams, Brokers, Re-Sellers and Puppy Mills

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